IMP Group - Expert in selling & services for health products
IMP Group - Expert in selling & services for health products

IMP - this is our successful formula

Since October 1998, IMP GmbH has been active as a pharmaceutical wholesaler in the market. The company has been authorized pursuant to §52a Abs.1 AMG since 3 March 2005. The district government of Düsseldorf has renewed this approval on the 20th of April 2018 and confirmed its compliance with the EU GDP Article 84 Directive 2001/83 / EC. In this way we provide our services at the highest standard.


The health care market - we are well informed


The IMP knows the numerous requirements for the distribution of health care products in the pharmaceutical market and knows the respective target groups and their needs very well.


Do you need a competent partner in warehousing logistics, supply to wholesalers, pharmacies or end customers? We have the solution: Since 1998, we have had the necessary experience and know-how, as well as the corresponding capacities and structures in a growth market of the future, in the market and at various stages.


Health - the market of the future


Trends such as demographic development or medical advances, as well as the discussions about the financial viability of the state health system have greatly increased the interest and personal responsibility of the people.


Being healthy and staying healthy, too, gets more and more attention and the readiness to spend money for this basic need has never been bigger.


Patients become customers, so that a comprehensive health care market has evolved from the almost exclusively solidly financed health care system.


The attractiveness of this market is that it has grown steadily over several years and will certainly do so in the long term.


The health care market offers companies with innovative products interesting opportunities to get involved. We have already proved many times that this can lead to great economic success.


To make investments worthwhile, companies that want to be successful in this market need to understand the specifics of this market as well as the needs of the customers in detail.


In the planning and implementation of its business objectives, one must also proceed in a structured and professional manner. A central system for the basic information on products and prices for the different trading stages forms the basis for this.


The sophisticated logistics of various wholesale organizations with a total of more than 120 branches nationwide ensure the availability of products. In addition, more than 20,000 pharmacies are established sales outlets and points of contact for the consumer.


In order to exploit these prerequisites and the opportunities in the health care market and to successfully market its innovative health products, it is imperative to know the market and its mechanisms completely.


And these are our strengths!

Take advantage of our know-how and be successful with us!

We were AWARDED!

IMP Certification: Growing Champion 2019 AS ONE OF THE 500 FASTEST GROWING COMPANIES IN 2018!



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